Endless Quiet Valley, An: A Reappraisal of John Masefield

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Paul Binding


A literary re-appraisal of John Masefield by Paul Binding, previously deputy literary editor of the New Statesman.

The book focuses on the period of Masefield’s work that began with ‘The Everlasting Mercy’ and continued with several narrative poems, sonnets and other work into the 1920s, to be his canon – a canon that shocked then and can shock now. Masefield’s work is set in the context of other literary work that was appearing at the time, and the man himself is considered, and all the passions and complexity that made him write as he did.

Hardback | 228 pages | 234 x 156 mm | 1998
PLEASE NOTE: SALE PRICE IS DUE TO 8pp plate section having pages stuck together so sold as unillustrated
ISBN 978-1-873827-35-2


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