Logaston Press takes its name from the hamlet of Logaston, in the beautiful countryside of rural north-west Herefordshire. It was here that Logaston Press was set up by Andy Johnson in 1983, and later run by Andy together with his wife Karen.

Civilised life in the Marches would not be the same without Logaston Press.

Philip pankhurst

I’ve rarely come across other books that so effortlessly combine such beautiful presentation with such rigorous and engaging scholarly content.


In 2018 Andy and Karen handed over the reins to Richard and Su Wheeler, who now run Logaston Press from the nearby village of Eardisley.

Logaston Press publishes books on local history, landscape, archaeology, architecture, and a range of walks guides – all focussed on the ‘Logaston heartlands’ of the Southern Marches: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, Radnorshire, Breconshire and Montgomeryshire.

In almost four decades, Logaston Press has published more than 350 titles, with more than 100 books currently in print. In that time, it has gained a dedicated following and a reputation for beautifully produced, ethically printed and reasonably priced books that are a pleasure to own.

Logaston Press is rooted in the people and places of the Southern Marches. We are dedicated to publishing books that explore and illuminate this extraordinary part of the world – for those who live here and beyond.


Richard & Su Wheeler


Logaston Press, based in the Herefordshire countryside, whose list of publications relating to the history of the Welsh Marches has become of enormous value.

THOMAS Lloyd (from a review of ‘the Ludlow Castle heraldic roll’)