Burton Court Recipes, The: English Food from Herefordshire


Helen J. Simpson

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Originally published in 1991, this title has been reprinted after 30 years.

The Burton Court Recipes is a cookery book as English as the elderberry. What could be more English than the magnificent Knights of St John Pie, with its black treacle and rum; or King Offa’s Paté; or the medieval Loyne of Pork with Sorrel Sauce; or the delicious individual recipes for trout, carp, eel, salmon and bream? Helen Simpson draws on her wide experience to assemble recipes to suit every taste and occasion. Cider and venison, chestnuts, pigeon and port, raspberries, walnuts and lamb, not forgetting the exquisite flavours of elderflowers, marigolds, cowslips and tayberries.

More than a recipe book, this is a culinary journey through the whole of Burton Court’s history. From the visit of Henry V in 1402, through its Victorian heyday, when almost two dozen servants were employed at the Court, preparing but rarely partaking of the recipes, up to the present day. This is a book in which food and history entwine.

Paperback | 96 pages | 245 x 184 mm | 1991, reprinted Oct 2021
5 colour and 18 b&w illustrations
ISBN 9781873827000


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