Story of the Quakers in Ross, The


John Powell

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Through telling the story of the Quakers in Ross, John Powell manages to relate not just their story but also a social history of Britain from the time of the Civil Wars to the present day: of attitudes to religion, of social networking, of people standing up for what they saw as their rights, of attitudes to the well-off, of the mores of society at any given period and of petty mindedness, often amongst people of whom one would hope for greater things.

Several members of the Quaker community had a profound influence on aspects of Ross’s life, at other times that community almost faded from existence to be rekindled due to unexpected events, such as the arrival of those displaced by war. Over the years many interesting characters emerge, some with wide interests, others that shine a light on some little-known aspect of Ross’s history.

John Powell has written books on both the history of Herefordshire’s workhouses and of Lea School in southern Herefordshire, where he was headmaster, together with articles for Ross Civic Society.

Paperback | 112 pages | 242 x 171 mm | October 2022
18 colour and 5 black & white illustrations

ISBN 9781910839614


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