Story of Bill Mills, The


Heather Hurley

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There has been a mill here since at least 1362, when it was then used for either grinding corn or manufacturing iron, or possibly for both uses. Over the centuries it has changed hands on numerous occasions, becoming owned by the Walwyn family in the early 1400s when its use was almost certainly as an ironmill and with whom it remained until the end of the 1500s when it passed to Gilbert Talbot, 7th earl of Shrewsbury.

This book chronicles the changes and developments to Bill Mills, setting them within a wider context of mills in the area and of milling in the UK. Unfortunately, the needs of modern premises, notably for open space within factory units and road access for delivery vehicles, means that the industrial life of Bill Mills has come to an end.

Paperback | 64 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2001
b&w illustrations
ISBN 978-1-873827-92-5


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