Royalist, But …: Herefordshire in the English Civil War, 1640-51


David Ross

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On the eve of the Civil War in 1642, Herefordshire’s leading families were all, to a greater or lesser extent, for the King – with the one notable exception of the Harleys at Brampton Bryan.

As a result, Herefordshire was seen as a recruiting ground by Royalist military commanders, and as rather backward by some on the Parliamentary side. But once war had broken out with all its consequences, the majority were seen to be rather lukewarm in their support for the King.

David Ross has a deep knowledge of this period which he uses with skill to craft a vivid picture of Herefordshire’s inhabitants in these years of turmoil.

Paperback | 208 pages | 242 x 171 mm | 2012
45 b&w illustrations, mainly photographs
ISBN 978-1-906663-63-6


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