Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll, The


Rosalind Caird, John Cherry, Philip Hume & Hugh Wood

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The roll provides an excellent vehicle for explaining the entire history of the castle and of the Council of the Marches … An enjoyable and accessible guide, one which contains everything that might be wished. To round it off, the complete roll is illustrated on the fold-out front cover, inside of which is a reconstruction of the Elizabethan chapel.
The Antiquaries Journal

One must start simply by saying congratulations … this exemplary [and] finely produced volume [features] many excellent illustrations of portraits, funerary monuments, engraved views, artefacts and related heraldry.
Coat of Arms

In around 2012 a local art dealer spotted a parchment roll at an antiques market on the Portobello Road in London. Dating from c.1580, the roll contained 42 coats of arms of the owners of Ludlow Castle and members of the Council in the Marches of Wales, from the eleventh century to the sixteenth century. Its importance to the history of the town and the wider Marches became clear. A successful appeal was launched to secure the roll for Ludlow, and the preservation and analysis of this fascinating artefact could begin.

The Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll tells the story of the Roll – of Sir Henry Sidney who commissioned the Roll, the context of its making, its close relationship to Ludlow Castle’s Round Chapel and the people whose coats of arms it contains.

The book includes life-sized reproductions of the Roll, information on the heraldry and paint technology used, together with a specially commissioned reconstruction of the Round Chapel as it might have appeared at the end of the sixteenth century.

Rosalind Caird studied history at university and went on to qualify as an archivist. She has worked in several of the border counties, and for many years was archivist of Hereford Cathedral. John Cherry was formerly Keeper of Medieval and Modern Europe in the British Museum. Now living near Ludlow, he has written on medieval objects, especially goldsmiths’ work, seals and seal matrices, and heraldry. Philip Hume is the author of On the Trail of the Mortimers, and is writing a history of the Marcher Lordships in the Welsh Marches. Having gained a degree in history, Philip enjoyed a successful career in senior management in local government. Hugh Wood retired to Ludlow where his main interests are heraldry and the medieval Mortimers.

Paperback with flaps | 256 pages | 235 x 154 mm | 2019
colour illustrations
ISBN 978-1-910839-37-9


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