Little Birch on Aconbury Hill: A History of the Parish and its People


Compiled by the Little Birch and King’s Thorn History Group

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Little Birch is a small Herefordshire parish lying on the picturesque southern slope of Aconbury Hill. The peaceful landscape of scattered cottages, small fields and leafy hedgerows scarcely hints at the two and a half thousand years of often tumultuous history that have shaped it.

Little Birch on Aconbury Hill tells the story of the village and the people who have lived and owned property in it. It examines the growth of settlement from pre-historic beginnings in the Iron Age hill fort  on the summit of Aconbury Hill and how this evolved during the Roman period and the Dark Ages. Separate sections consider Aconbury Priorty and its property in Little Birch, and the impact of the Civil War.

Detailed attention is paid to the changing pattern of the parish’s farms over the last 450 years and, more generally, to the economic and social changes that have occurred since Queen Victoria came to the throne. There are specialist sections on population, the village’s church, chapels and school, its roads and tracks, and on how it cared for its poor.

Finally there are brief biographies of several of the village’s more interesting nineteenth-century residents and a compilation of the reminiscences of some of its older residents, gathered by personal interview. These latter provide an invaluable link between the village’s historic past and its very lively present.

Paperback | 240 pages | 242 x 171 mm | 2006
 b&w illustrations
ISBN 978-1-904396-65-9


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