Leominster Minster, Priory and Borough c.660-1539


Joe & Caroline Hillaby

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Joe Hillaby combines his extensive knowledge of the early British church, the Saxon minster and subsequent priory with recent research and archaeological excavation to present a picture of Leominster from the foundation of its minster, c.660, and associated borough, c.1123, to the priory’s dissolution in 1539.

Chapters consider many aspects of the priory’s functions, and its relations with the bishops of Hereford, the townspeople and local congregation. They catalogue the effects of the priory on the borough’s location, development and shape.

This book thus brings together countless strands to give an understanding of Leominster and its rural hinterland.

Paperback | 292 pages | 259 x 200 mm | 2006
100 b&w illustrations and 12 pages of colour illustrations
ISBN 978-1-904396-55-0


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