Iolo’s Revenge: Sheep Farming by Happy Accident in Mid-Wales


Diana Ashworth

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‘Jolly, insightful and struck through with a deep affection for her adopted Wales, Iolo’s Revenge is a charming account of one couple’s eventful attempts at home-making in the hills. Peppered throughout with amusing stories and colourful characters, this book presents the joyous world of birthing ewes, pond plug-holes and truncated Welsh that the ‘Retired Lady’ has learned to call her own. An uplifting, thoroughly enjoyable read.’ – Oliver Balch

‘They’ll do! They’re the ones I want’, said the old farmhouse, probably in Welsh, and the couple (the ones the old place wanted) were drawn into the life of the place – inspired by its beauty, its creatures, its moods and its stories.

In 2005 Diana Ashworth and her husband spotted a dilapidated farmhouse with 25 acres in a rural hamlet in Montgomeryshire, the plan being for a holiday home. They were outbid at the auction, wished the new owners well and thought nothing more of it. But the sale fell through and before they knew it they’d had ‘their offer’ accepted (what offer? – I didn’t know we’d made an offer!) They moved in and were rapidly drawn deeper and deeper into the life of the place and its people, working all hours to make the tumble-down house habitable, and somehow stumbling into hill farming along the way. This is their story. Written with an infectious warmth and humour, Iolo’s Revenge is a hugely engaging account of the couple’s new life in the Welsh borders – a life embarked upon with gusto and generosity, openness and wonder, and interspersed with

Paperback with flaps | 184 pages | 198 x 129 mm | 2018
27 b&w illustrations
ISBN 978-1-910839-24-9


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