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Dinedor Hill is a familiar backdrop to the city of Hereford, but the Munitions Factory buildings below it shown on the front cover may be less so. Explore this book and you will discover more about not just Dinedor Hill and the Munitions Factory, but also of the area’s past from prehistoric times to the present day. In doing so, you will be following a path that led a group of residents who came together in 1997 to explore their local history.

This book covers significant aspects of local history from the Rotherwas Ribbon of four thousand years ago through changes in field patterns and woodland cover, with information on the Rotherwas estate and chapel of the Bodenham family, the church, school, local quarries and Dinedor Sports. The Dinedor-based Caleb Patrol of the mysterious Auxiliary Units of the Second World War is covered, together with the rather gruesome story of the removal of graves from Rotherwas Chapel.

There are personal reminiscences, stories of farms and houses, of characters that have lived in the parish, mixed with extracts from the Woolhope Club Transactions down the years and poems and paintings that feature Dinedor, giving a picture of a very vibrant corner of Herefordshire.

Paperback | 208 pages | 242 x 171 mm | 2014
Colour and b&w illustrations
ISBN 978-1-906663-88-9


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