Croome: The Place, the People, the History


Jill Tovey

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This book sets out to tell, very briefly, the story of the Coventry family and the development of their ancestral home, Croome; from the time of their acquisition of the manor of Croome D’abitot, Worcestershire, in 1592, until the present day. Like any family story, there are many ups and downs, but bearing in mind that it spans almost 450 years, there is an amazing consistency of outcome.

Though there are now no figures of national importance as there were in the seventeenth century, throughout the ensuing centuries and right up to the present (through the National Trust), Croome has been cherished and has moved with the times, very often being in the vanguard.

Above all – Croome is a powerful survivor.

Paperback | 24 pages | 242 x 165 mm | May 2021
Colour illustrations
ISBN 978-1-910839-49-2


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