Bredon Hill: Archaeology, History, Folklore & Villages


Brian Hoggard


In this book, Brian Hoggard cleverly weaves archaeological fact and documented historical evidence together with folklore of both ancient and recent origin to provide an account of Bredon Hill. The hill is an isolated outlier of the Cotswold escarpment whilst the river system and main road network has also served to sever it from the surrounding countryside, helping to give it an atmosphere all its own.

The hill abounds in ancient sites, has interesting geological features, is surrounded by Cotswold stone churches that contain a variety of intriguing carvings, and by villages of stone and thatch. With continual settlement from the Iron Age, and probably the Neolithic, with a range of folklore and customs, this is a tremendous area to explore, and this book is an invaluable aid to that exploration.

Includes eleven walks on and near Bredon Hill.

This revised edition is a redesign and reprint of the 2009 edition.

Paperback | 104 pages | 210 x 148 mm | Revised edn 2021
46 b&w photographs and 13 maps
ISBN 978-1-906663-18-6


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